Speakeasy Site


Create a simple poetry site that promotes user interaction, while using beautiful typography and branding.

Deep User Interactions

Users can watch "Live", "Watch" the latest poetry slams, or "Cheer" for their favorite poets. If a poet has a certain number of "Cheers", they will write a follow-up poem and be featured in the "Encores" section at the top of the page.


Francis Newman
27 years old

Francis is a high school English teacher who is an aspiring poet. He may wear a fedora and be a great public speaker, but he's not yet comfortable performing his own poetry live. He considers himself a beginner and is starting a blog to see if he gets some good feedback.


Francis is a regular visitor and Chrome is able to quickly auto-populate his search request. Once the homepage has loaded, the featured section he is looking for is right at the top. He quickly clicks on the "Encore" poem and begins to read through. He sends his appreciation by clicking "Cheer" in hopes the writer will post an encore poem.

Balsamiq wireframes

Philadelphia University Project
UI/UX Designer: Jamie Olson