Cinema Lounge

About the Experience

Cinema Lounge is a 21 and over VIP movie experience. Their claim to fame is combining a posh club experience, VIP theater, as well as cocktails. They would like an expansion of services and digital presence to help make Cinema Lounge the nightlife of the future.

Competitive Analysis

I reviewed local and chain theaters, lounges, online ticket purchasing sites, streaming services, and reviews sites like IMDB. I was able to compare what was more and less successful when it came to listing multiple movies on one page, movie details, and purchasing.

Survey Insights

What do you want out of this experience?

  1. The option to binge-watch.
  2. Buying tickets online must be faster and easier than waiting in line.
  3. Include the cast list, bios, critic reviews, and ratings.
  4. Feature beautiful food and drink photography.
  5. Let guests vote for the next featured movie.

Style Guide

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Side-by-side seating comparison

Final responsive site

Philadelphia University Project
UI/UX Designer: Jamie Olson