December 26, 2017

What's your angle?

Many businesses start because they have improved a product or service and therefore have a unique selling point. That uniqueness can set an edge against the competition and grab the attention a startup needs. But what happens before the company, when there's just one person with an idea. The first thing an advisor will ask is, "What's the angle?" If I were to open an agency or shop I would push to have an exceptional company culture and beautiful work that is focused on illustration and digital experiences. This perfectly marries the demand for art made by the human hand (which will never go away) and the growing need to incorporate it into the digital space (which is always evolving).

My strenths have turned into my angle.

November 1, 2017

A challenge isn't a challenge unless it exhausts you.

"What am I doing?" I flip through answers in my mind... expressing my passion for design, prestige, money? I fight off the exhaustion and wake in the wee hours as if it were expected of me. I start every day as if I made the rules. I have lived so many years thinking, "I went to school to be a Designer". That was my end goal. I didn't realize that I've also been attending life for 27 years and I can be whatever the hell I want.

Even if what you love to do comes easy to you, never lose your fire to surpass your own perceived limitations.